Custom forms (Overview)

Purpose: Combining Commusoft and Microsoft Word, create customised forms for individual business specifications. From internal form requirements to recreating industry-standard certificates more tailored to your needs, developing personalised forms can be achieved easily with this powerful tool.

Configuring forms in Commusoft

📘️Custom forms
📘️Input types & page types for Custom forms
▶️ Custom forms - How to create and use (without appliances/assets)
▶️ Custom forms - Adding appliances to a custom form

Setup Microsoft Word documents

📘️Custom forms & MS Word
▶️ Custom forms - MS Word Templates
▶️ Custom forms - Using Repeating Tags for List Pages on MS Word Templates


📘️Custom forms - Upload templates for Oil
📘️Custom forms - Upload templates for Gas
📘️Custom forms - Upload templates for Renewables
📘️Custom forms - Upload templates for Electrical