Sage Business Cloud Accounting - Enable CIS

Purpose: In order to send CIS records to Sage Business Cloud Accounting, you need to enable the CIS setting in both packages and add the nominal code for CIS Labour Income into Commusoft.

1. Enable CIS in both Commusoft and Sage:

2. Once CIS is enabled in Sage you need to create a nominal code in the Chart of Accounts.

  • Ledger Name: Choose a name as required
  • Display Name: Choose a name as required
  • Nominal Code: 2151
  • Category: Sales
  • VAT Rate: As required
  • Enable CIS on this ledger account: Check this box > in the dropdown choose CIS Labour
  • Visibility: Check Sales



3. Add the CIS Labour Income nominal into Commuoft > Profile icon > Finance > Nominal accounts


4. Enable CIS and DRC against the individual Contact in Sage: